KMC House

The KMC Project was the first commercial build for Swan group where we managed every step of the process. We are proud to say the project was completed ahead of time to a high standard of workmanship and on budget.

The project consisted of the construction of a new commercial building. This was a traditional form work construction with reinforced concrete columns and beams with  a suspended slab on the first floor, and a steel frame external structure. This new building was then required to be connected to an existing heritage protected building, while maintaining the quality and without compromising on the character of the existing building.

Construction in a residential area always comes with its own set of challenges. This was overcome by ensuring constant communication with all neighbours was maintained throughout the project.

The client was looking to achieve a high performance functional building on a conservative budget. To achieve this, a high degree of value engineering took place throughout the planning stage of this project. All material elements were assessed and competitive or equal alternatives were put forward where appropriate. To maintain the awareness of the vision of linking old and new, it was essential throughout this process to ensure the finished product had the right feel about it.

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